Aplastic Anemia Awareness

10/21/2009, TRT: NA

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Aplastic Anemia Awareness week is December 1-7. Share this video with everyone you know & spread awareness of this bone marrow disease! In this video you will be introduced to the basics of aplastic anemia as well as a few of the warriors who continue to fight it! Everyone diagnosed with AA wants others to know WHAT it is they're fighting. Knowledge is power & this disease is no exception to the rule! Knowledge can SAVE LIVES! YOU can save someone elses life or even your own life with the information that you glean from watching this informative video. One important fact that all of us want to relay to the world is this: ****YOU are the CURE for this disease!**** With YOUR blood donations, with YOUR willingness to be on the bone marrow registry, we who fight this illness are given HOPE! (Please remember that during the holiday season the need for donations of blood increases. Please, if you have time, go donate blood & continue to save lives! Thank-you.)