Absence defect of limbs- scalp- and skull


Adams-Oliver Syndrome: A very rare inherited disorder characterized by scalp, skull and limb abnormalities. The range and severity of the symptoms can vary greatly from mild to severe.

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  • Growth deficiency
  • Abnormal membranous skin patches on scalp
  • Bone defect under abnormal scalp skin patches
  • Foot defects
  • Hand defects
  • Finger defects
  • Toe defects
  • Short fingers
  • Small toenails
  • Cutis marmorata
  • Lower leg defects
  • Short toes
  • Absent fingers
  • Absent toes
  • Absent foot
  • Absent hand
  • Missing bone sections of finger
  • Missing bone sections of toe
  • Hairless scarred patches of scalp
  • Patches of dilated blood vessels under scalp lesions
  • Skull bone defect
  • Short fingers
  • Short toes
  • Absend lower legs
  • Absent hands

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